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Saving the world

Inspiring young people to learn about global warming and take easy, everyday actions to stop it.

What is Climate Change?

What does Greenkeen offer ?


Discover which actions are high-imact and which are duds for helping the environment - and spread the word!


Uncover shocking numbers about climate change - and gain knowledge about the effects of global warming, how it happens, and what YOU have to do with it. 

What You Can Do

Be inspired to take action after getting all this info on global warming! Track the number of pounds of carbon dioxide emissions YOU save, by becoming a Greenkeen member. As you progress and start making more of an impact, update your avatar to a cooler one and earn achievements with your saved emissions!

Our Mission

Global warming is a problem that most threatens the children and young people of the world: the future of mankind.  Scientists say at the rate that we are altering Earth's climate, by 2030, a fifth of Miami will be underwater. If we don't take action on climate change, terrible consequences will occur.

But we can still do something.

Take a Quiz!

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exxon small.jpg
Which environmental giant are you most like?  Take the quiz to find out!
You are at a restaurant for dinner.  What do you pick?

COVID-19.  It kills.  And is a force for good?
It's going to be great.  Especially for the environment.

Celebrities.  Environmentalists.

billie eilish.jpg
She is a global pop phenom.  The youngest ever to win Grammy album of the year.  And not afraid to speak her mind.
Julia Roberts.png
Earlier in her career, she took part in a movie depicting the true life of Erin Brockovich, ...
Climate change: "I have a bad feeling about this ..."
Superstar known for Good Will Hunting (1997), The Martian (2015), and The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999).  Lesser known as the co-founder of (a non-profit providing fresh water for the developing world) and a fervent advocate for the environment ...
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