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Global warming is the increase of the Earth's temperature when greenhouse gases accumulate inside our atmosphere and get trapped there, collecting like an ever-thickening blanket. This holds in the sun's heat, causing the planet to warm up. 

It's true that by keeping heat close to the surface of our planet, greenhouse gases are crucial the survival of humans, plants, and animals. However, global warming is happening largely due to an over-emission of these gases and fossil fuels by human activity.


Global warming is becoming an enormous problem. Its effects are extremely widespread: because of the warming, ice caps and glaciers are melting (threatening many species such as polar bears with extinction because they cannot find land to live on and, as a result, are stranded in the sea, crippled by hunger and growing weakness). The melting ice caps mean more water in the ocean, causing sea levels to rise. Coastal cities may become severely flooded as a result. For example, scientists say that one-fifth of Miami will be underwater by 2030.

Flooding and sea levels rising are not the only effects of climate change. The ocean absorbs a lot of the greenhouse gas emissions, leading to ocean acidification. Ocean acidification can take an enormous toll on calcifying species, including oysters, clams, sea urchins,  sea coral, and calcareous plankton. Today, over a billion people are depending on seafood and food from the ocean as their primary source of protein. Therefore, both jobs and food security are at risk.

Apart from the many marine effects of global warming, climate change is affecting people inland as well. As land is becoming drier and hotter due to the warming earth, wildfires are getting more severe and occurring more often.  Severe weather systems like hurricanes are happening more often and with greater intensity.

In addition, air pollution can cause cancer and respiratory diseases, which can also make your children more likely to have respiratory diseases. According to Renewable Sources Coalition, air pollution has been known to cause allergies, disease, damage to crops, and in extreme cases, even death.

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