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Climate change most threatens the children and young people of the world - the future of humanity.  Did you know that at our present course, cities home to 150 million people will be erased by 2050 due to global warming? We can still stop global warming. But many things that people believe are beneficial for the environment have little impact, while actions oblivious to many of us have a huge impact on the environment.  For example, not eating beef for one week saves 16 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions!  

Greenkeen was founded on this idea: make maximum change by showing people actions that have high impact yet are easy to do.  Greenkeen shows you simple, everyday ways to cut emissions, such as not eating meat or beef, using public transportation, or flying less (did you know that not flying for one hour saves 300 pounds of CO2?). Members can track their impact in pounds of CO2 emissions saved shown on their profile page, and compete with friends and classmates to see who is the biggest loser! When most people think of doing good things for the environment, they usually think of ditching their car or installing solar panels on their rooftops. Those tasks may be impactful, but  they aren't very easy and call for big decisions to be made. Greenkeen's mission is to educate people about global warming and give them easy, everyday ways to stop it.


It's true that a single person's actions to stop climate change would barely make a dent to save the environment. However, if a group of people all did something to help the environment, collectively we start to have a meaningful impact. If everybody thought that their own impact made only a tiny difference, no attempt at all would be made to cut our emissions. Each of us can make a difference.

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