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Rachel Yun
Founder and Director
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Rachel Yun attends The Nueva School, Silicon Valley, California. She is experienced in community service and fundraising; she worked to raise thousands of dollars to send three Guatemalan and Costa Rican girls (Sicdali, Carolina, and Esmerelda) to school. Previously, she also raised money to send donations to wildfire relief, in order to help victims from the Napa fires in California.
Greenkeen is a nonprofit project that aims to fight climate change. It is a platform that empowers users with easy yet high-impact ways to cut carbon emissions; for example, not eating beef for a week, which can save sixteen pounds of carbon dioxide emissions. Everyone is welcomed at Greenkeen, though Rachel hopes to especially reach out to kids like herself -- the future of humanity and the ones who can make the biggest difference. 
Rachel's excited to announce she's working on Greenkeen next-generation -- mobile IOS and Android apps!  The goal to make the platform a more personal, rich experience and accessible to more people.  This work is done with support from the Joey Kovacevich Social Innovation Fellowship.
Nuntiya Smith
Ms. Smith is the manager and Ambassador Advisor of the Davidson Institute for Talent Development’s Young Scholars Ambassador Program, designed to “foster learning and civic engagement through community service, volunteerism and leadership in highly motivated and mature Young Scholars.” Ms. Smith has supported our founder, Rachel Yun, in the development of this project, as well as reaching out and spreading the word.
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