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The Indiana Jones of the Climate Change Battle

Star Wars.  Raiders of the Lost Ark.  A renowned Hollywood star that we all know, Harrison Ford has received many honors and accolades, including nominations for the Golden Globe Award, BAFTA, and Best Actor, as well as a Hollywood Film Award, the Lifetime Achievement Award, and the Box Office Star of the Century Award.

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Aside from his lasting legacy in the entertainment and acting industry, Ford is an avid environmentalist and has delivered countless speeches advocating for change as well as the steps needed to be taken in order to ensure a safe, healthy planet. One common theme in Ford’s campaigning is the looming threat of climate change.

Ford has traveled to the Global Climate Summit, the World Government Summit, and the 2019 UN Climate Action Summit. He has spread the word about the need to take action to address this growing universal problem: “The environment has become a political, polarizing issue. It’s time to change the conversation of nature to focus on what we all have in common: Our shared humanity.” Ford acknowledges that the endangerment of nature is perhaps the most threatening crisis that humans face today: “Nothing is more important to this society than preserving its natural capital. People need nature to survive, to thrive.”

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Not only has Ford delivered high-profile speeches on recognizing climate change and taking action, but he has also taken part in a television series called “Nature is Speaking”, which gathered celebrities including Julia Roberts, Kevin Spacey, and Edward Norton with the objective of spreading awareness to the general public about climate change. In this film, Ford played the role of the Ocean, narrating the following lines in a sinister, gravelly voice:


“I am the Ocean

I am water

I am most of this planet

I shaped it

Every stream, every cloud, and every raindrop

It all comes back to me.

One way or another

Every living thing here needs me

I am the source

I am what they crawled out of

Humans are not different

I don’t owe them a thing

I give, they take

But I can always take it back

That’s just the way it’s always been

It’s not their planet anyway

Never was, never will be

But human, they take more than their share

They poison me, then they expect me to feed them

Well it doesn’t work that way

If human want to exist in nature with me, and off of me

I suggest they listen close

I’m going to say this once

If nature isn’t kept healthy, human’s won’t survive

Simple as that

Me – I could not give a damn, with or without humans

I am the Ocean

I covered this entire planet once, and I can always cover it again

And that’s all I have to say.”

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